Mirjana's March 18, 1996 Birthday Apparition

"Dear children! On this message, which I give you today through my servant, I desire for you to reflect a long time. My children, great is the love of God. Do not close your eyes, do not close your ears while I repeat to you: Great is His love! Hear my call and my supplication which I direct to you. Consecrate your heart and make in it the home of the Lord. May He dwell in it forever. My eyes and my heart will be here, even when I will no longer appear. Act in everything as I ask you and lead you to the Lord. Do not reject from yourself the name of God, that you may not be rejected. Accept my messages that you may be accepted. Decide, my children, it is the time of decision. Be just and innocent of heart, that I may lead you to your Father, for this, that I am here, is His great love. Thank you for being here!"

The apparition lasted 6 minutes, beginning at 2:00 PM. Mirjana said:

"At the beginning of the apparition, the Gospa was joyful then she became sad. At the end, she was joyful again. We prayed 2 Our Father's and 2 Glory Be's for those present and for those who have not yet come to know the love of God. We spoke about other things which I cannot disclose. We didn't speak about the secrets. Our Lady blessed all the people present and all the religious articles. I, Mirjana, who saw and felt Our Lady's love, call you to truly meditate on and live this message which the Gospa gave to me."

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