Therese Joy's Journey - Part 4

Therese Joy's Journey - Part 4

And the story continues.......    It seemed Our Lady had taken care of each detail of this journey she was calling me to.

The month before I left, on January 23,2001 we were hooked up to the internet. We had gotten our first computer for Christmas. I was surfing the net for Medjugorje sites, or related places and happened onto the IIPG Queen of Peace site and signed the guestbook of Mike Sepal's website asking about my upcoming journey. He responded, and also warmly invited me to join this powerful family of prayer. This is how you are able to read this story of mine. Sometimes I wonder how each of you came to be part of this great network of faith. I am grateful to God for opening up yet another door for me, and allowing our hearts to praise Him.

  It seemed Satan was working overtime to create doubt and confusion in my heart. I had some very dark nights, filled with emptiness and despair. The nearer my departure came, the attacks were worse. Finally, the day before I left, there was an attack that tore open my heart. Satan pierced the darkest part of my soul, ripping open a long ago wound. Only he knows how to go so deep, and destroy any goodness. I responded with the mercy of my God. I clutched my rosary tightly in my hand and prayed from the very depths of my soul. I cried out for mercy.

  Only now do I see I had to pass through this fire. I had to. The rest of the night before I left, I was bombarded with feeling an emptiness. It is difficult to describe to you all. Here I was, about to embark on an incredible journey, and felt empty. I went to sleep praying for peace in my heart and soul, and it was hard to pray that night.

  When I woke up the next day, the day to leave the country, there was a great peace in my heart and soul. There was no anxiety, or tension as one might expect. Just a total comfort that all was going to go well. All the preparation had been made, and now the day was finally here!! I thought I would experience excitement, but I didn't, only this incredible peacefulness. Even my husband could not believe I was so calm. He thought I would be bouncing off the walls! It even surprised me.

  The 4 children had taken off school to go see me off at the Detroit Airport. The drive was nice. There was no problem at all checking in the box of medication I was bringing. I kissed the family goodbye, and boarded the plane, still with the calm and peace that was a gift of God.

  And we lifted off......

Therese Joy

(End of Part 4)

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